Kiruna is located in the far north of Sweden, close to the three way border where Finland, Norway and Sweden meet. Kiruna is known for it’s massive iron mine, endless stretches of pristine wilderness, the midnight Sun and of course the Northern Lights. Kiruna also offers rich cultural opportunities, much thanks to the Sámi crafts tradition which is present in many parts of the mining town.

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how to get here

How Do I Get To Kiruna?

SAS and Norwegian airlines offer several daily flights in and out of Kiruna. In addition, the Swedish train company SJ also provides daily transportation from all major cities in Sweden and Europe to Kiruna.

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winter location

Winter in Kiruna

The Arctic is truly a winter destination! Kiruna is a spectacular place to visit during the winter season, because of it’s wide range of activities ranging from cultural visits to the local Sami people, incredible dog sledding adventures, visiting the world famous ICEHOTEL and enjoying the natural wonder of the northern lights. The city is located on the doorstep of a massive wilderness area which gives you the chance to take in the breathtaking silence and beauty that can only be found in the Arctic!

Bjorn Soderlund

summer location

Summer in Kiruna

Summer in Kiruna is short and intense! During the Summer months the Midnight Sun shines 24 hours a day illuminating this incredible paradise and allows you to enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing and white water rafting around the clock!